Woosong Students

A Keen and Diverse Student Body

Woosong StudentA Woosong student can be a 20-something university sophomore or a 40-year-old businessperson. University and college students come from all over Korea; most of our students live in and around Daejeon.  Student needs range from beginning English lessons to advanced adult conversation classes. General education courses are the norm, but Woosong also offers English for Specific Purpose (ESP) classes, covering such specialties as business conversation and writing.  At WLI, we also teach middle school students as well as kids.

It’s this diversity of our student body that makes a Woosong job challenging but interesting.  If you worry that you can teach only students of a certain type, teaching at Woosong may be an opportunity to expand your repertoire.  As mentioned in the FAQs, it’s vital that you understand that even though as a Woosong teacher your contract will be with a specific school, this does not mean that you will teach classes exclusively at that institution.

If you enjoy teaching in different environments to various students, then WLI is definitely the workplace of choice!

Typical Woosong Student Profiles
Woosong Favorite IconWSU Junior, Internet Commerce Major. Has mastered listening, reading and speaking English, but needs practice writing, especially for business purposes (such as getting a job!).
Woosong Favorite IconWTC Freshman, Food Science Major. Must complete English courses to graduate. Not exactly happy with this requirement, so some motivation and enjoyment must be supplied along with the grammar!
Woosong Favorite IconWLI Student, Daejeon Business Leader. Seeking a promotion to headquarters in Seoul but told she must first improve her English, which includes getting a higher TOEIC score!

Make sure you meet the minimum requirements

Make sure you understand the hiring process.

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