What documents does Woosong University need?

First Screening:

Your resume and cover letter.

Second Screening:

If you progress past the initial first screening you will be contacted for a telephone interview and you must submit via email scans of the following:

All relevant degrees, transcripts, etc.

Information/Photo page from your passport

Documentation that proves your teaching experience (in the form of a work certificate or scan of an official, employer signed letter detailing dates of employment)

Marriage certificate if you are requesting a couple or family stipend.

In addition, we ask that you fill out the interview form that is linked to our contact email.

Second Interview:

If you progress past the initial interview, you will be invited to a second interview to be conducted via Skype video interview. If this is not possible, a video introduction can be recorded by the applicant. Upon successful interview, candidate professors typically receive an offer within one or two weeks after the interview.

Offer and Acceptance

If you accept an offer of employment with Woosong, scan and email the signed acceptance letter to Woosong. An accepted offer letter is a binding agreement that represents, at the very least, an ethical commitment between Woosong University and the applicant. It does not necessarily constitute a binding agreement to sign a contract sight unseen. It is important to us that new teachers read the contract closely and agree with its terms before signing.

In order to get an E2 visa, you will need to send these items by courier to Woosong University:

1. Apostilled Diploma of your highest degree

2. Apostilled Federal Criminal Background Check (CBC)*

3. Ten portrait pictures (professionally done)

4. Self Health Check

* N.B. Immigration will only accept apostilled CBCs within six months of the CBC being issued. The criminal background check from the highest agency in your country (E.G. in the USA, FBI) can take some time obtain. Please make sure you apply for this well in advance.