What is the housing like?

Housing is provided at several sites owned or rented by Woosong.

Location: Most apartments are walking distance from Woosong campuses.

Size: Woosong only offers single housing to its English professors.  Sizes vary according to exact location.

Amenities: The apartments are semi-furnished with a refrigerator, a bed, gas range, but TV is not included. Most have heated floors, as is standard in Korean housing; some have external wall heaters.  All single and most married apartments have air conditioning. Some apartments have washing machines, while others share communal washing facilities. Tenants must supply their own bedding, dishes and cookware.

Allocation: Initially, the allocation of apartments is determined by what is available when new teachers arrive. Thereafter, all available housing is advertised and allocated on the basis of seniority, which is reset when a teacher chooses to move.

Utilities and etc: Utilities vary according to location.  In general, teachers are responsible for water, gas, Internet, and electricity.  There is a W300,000 housing deposit, which is withheld from your first pay check. Your housing deposit balance will be reimbursed via a bank deposit or remittance after you vacate your Woosong provided housing accommodation, providing it is left in the same condition you found it and your utility bills have been paid. Apartments are checked before you leave. Money needed to repair or clean the apartment (if the damage is caused by you) will be taken from the deposit, but more severe damage would incur higher charges.

Stipend: Should teachers choose to seek out their own housing, Woosong provides a monthly W400,000  stipend in lieu of housing.  A stipend of W500,000 is offered for married teachers or families and not a housing unit. Be advised that apartment contracts often require a deposit of anywhere from 2 to 10 million Won, which Woosong does not provide.