Will I have medical and dental insurance? A pension plan?

Woosong teachers enjoy the Korean government medical, which includes dental insurance and provides basic coverage. You will contribute approximately 5% of  your salary per month. There is a small fee (approximately 3000 – 4000 won) with each visit and sometimes certain procedures are not covered by insurance, but overall this is an excellent program that makes health-care very affordable. Korean doctors/dentists provide high-quality services.  There are several English speaking doctors and dentists around Daejeon.

Woosong teachers also benefit from participation in a mandatory private pension plan. Approximately 7% of your pay will be deducted every month from your account, with an approximate initial 10% contribution from Woosong. This contribution increases incrementally with length of service until you are fully vested after 5 years of contributions. When your employment is completed at Woosong and you are not renewing your contract, your pension reimbursement will be deposited or remitted into your bank account. This process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks.