Hiring Process Timeline

The process between applying and arriving in Korea can sometimes be complicated. Please make sure you understand this process in order to make it as smooth as possible.

Woosong’s hiring process has two major steps:

  1. From Contact to Contract
  2. From Contract to Visa (if new visa)

Note: If you are currently in Korea and planning to transfer your visa (or have an F visa), step 2 will follow a different procedure.

Many bureaucratic factors are involved in the process of securing a position overseas. The following timelines are included so that potential applicants can appreciate how much time they might need to allow for each step in the process. Things might happen faster, but you shouldn’t count on it.

As our current peak hiring times correspond with arrival dates during the last two weeks in February and the first weeks of August, many applicants will find that submitting applications in either October or March will be most effective. Please read this information on the two major steps in the hiring process very carefully and
e-mail the HR Coordinator if you have any questions. See FAQS for related details.

From Contact to Contract (Step 1)

Stage 1: Interview

  1.  Woosong  contacts you in reply to your initial email (resume and cover letter).
  2. You send: resume; scan of passport photo page, transcript(s), scans of degree(s)/diploma(s) and certificate(s), proof of employment, and interview form.
  3. If you’re shortlisted, the HR Coordinator arranges and conducts interview. If you’re not in Korea, this will most likely be a Skype interview.
  4. If the interview is successful, a short, informal follow-up interview is scheduled.

Stage 2: Offer of employment

Your references will be contacted. The hiring committee deliberates on the candidate. If the results are favorable, you are sent an offer letter, which will detail your salary, benefits, and housing.  Please note the acceptance deadline, and return a scan of the signed offer letter by that time. Due to the volume of applicants, rejections will not be sent.

Stage 3: Contract 

Once we have your signed offer letter, and a scan of your passport and degrees, Woosong begins to draw up the actual contract. The contract and support documents will then be sent to you via email. This process can take as long as three to four weeks, so please be patient.  You return the signed contract to Woosong. You should now start the visa application process if you haven’t already (See “As Soon As Possible”  below). 

From Contract to Visa (Step 2)

As Soon as Possible

Ask your nearest Korean Consulate for a professor visa (E-2) application form and information about the E-2 visa application process. If you do not currently possess an apostille of your original diplomas, make arrangements to get them since you’ll need them for your visa. You will also need to complete a health check which we will send to you by PDF. In addition, Woosong requires an apostille of a  recent, national level criminal background check (CBC) . As these can sometimes take a while to process, it is recommended that you apply for this right away. We will also need 10 passport style photos ( 3×4 centimeters or larger with the same ratio, white background). Your apostilled diploma, apostilled CBC, completed health check and ten passport photos need to be sent to us by courrier.

Stage 1: Applying for your visa number 

Assuming we have all necessary documents, Woosong goes to the local Korean Immigration Department office and obtains your Certificate of Visa Issuance, and most importantly, your visa number.

Stage 2: Getting your visa

Woosong sends your visa number. Take/send the visa application form to the nearest Korean Consulate in your home country with: your original signed contract, support documents, passport and visa number. A processing fee must also be paid. Your Consulate will explain all this to you.

Stage 3: Confirmation 

You e-mail the hiring committee (hiring@woosong.org) to confirm: that you have a valid visa; the date and time of your arrival.

Just before you leave, please also e-mail human resources once more to remind them of your imminent arrival.

Alert IconIt is important to understand (particularly if you are hired from overseas) that from first contact to visa issuance can take between 15 and 17 weeks depending on document travel times and variation between different Korean Consulate processing demands. Conversely, the process can also be quite swift. It can be difficult to predict how long immigration will take at various points.

Using express mail may save two or more weeks but it’s more expensive. Applying for your criminal background check early can save you this expense later.

It’s a good idea to keep providing human resources and the ELC Assistant with updates of your progress. If you stop responding to our e-mail messages, we will assume you have lost interest and interview another candidate.